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Bathmate Hydromax - Does It Work?

Bathmate Hydromax - Does It Work?

This is a question we have come across more than a few times online and a good question it is. Who wants to buy a Bathmate if it doesn't work. Who wants to buy any product if it doesn't work. So we have taken a minute to write a post about the Bathmate and its results to try and help answer the question "does the bathmate work".

After years of working in the industry and selling the Bathmate along with other products and getting to test many, I can honestly tell you, the Bathmate does work.  I have also dealt with support for Bathmate customers and even been sent photo testimonials of users who have seen AMAZING results with the Bathmate. Yes, some people send photos of their penis to us because they are astounded at the results they get from using the Bathmate.


Now...  will the results from the Bathmate be the same for everyone. No, of course not.  We are all built different, will end up using the products differently, and use it for different periods of time. So everyone will experience different results with use.

Some people I have seen and talked to have gained upwards of 2 inches and quite a bit of girth. Others have increased in girth only (they didn't use it long enough for length gains).  I have seen photos and talked to users who have used it for over 6 months, starting out with the Hercules and ending up ordering the Goliath as they outgrew the Hercules model they started with.  I have chatted with via email users of all ages, from 17 to 76. Some older gentlemen just want to use it to maintain penis health as they are not as sexually active as they used to be, but end up seeing an increase in penis size as a bonus.


Bathmate Hydromax - Does It Work?

In conclusion, I will say from everything I have read, everything I have seen, Bathmate users I have talked to and from 1st hand experience (yes I am a bathmate user). The Bathmate does work if given the right amount of time.

Repetition is key... just like exercise, a good diet or succeeding at anything in life. Give up too soon and you lose. Stick with it... and be a smiling fool with a big penis.