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Bathmate Size Guide. - Which Bathmate Size is right for me. Bathmate Buyers Guide...


1.Choose your model*:

a) Hercules: The original Bathmate. For most men under 8" in length. Reliable. Effective. Economical.

b) Hydromax X30: The latest in male enhancement hydropump technology. Durable. Same size as the Hercules. 30% more suction. Improved pelvic comfort pad.

c) Hydromax X40: For men starting out with more penile girth/thickness. Same great features as the X30. One of our best selling models

d) Goliath: For men 8+ inches in length or longer. 30% larger than the Hercules. Ships with shower strap and storage case. Make sure you're already big before you buy.

e) X30 Xtreme: Same size as the X30 but sold with hand ball pump and every accessory you'll ever need- support strap, protective case, long insert comfort pad and more. The ultimate male hydo-therapy kit. **TOP SELLER**

f) X40 Xtreme: Same size as the X40 but includes hand ball pump, towel, measuring gauge, hard-shell storage case, support strap, cleaning brush, and more. Everything you need for your hydro pump.

*Keep in mind that although you want plenty of room for growth, you also want a proper fit so that you're able to obtain proper suction for a more effective workout.

Putting some thought into sizing before you purchase is strongly advised. Just buying 'biggest one' is not your best choice.


Pump Specifications:

Pump Internal Length* Pump Internal Diameter & Circumference Colors Weight


9.75in/24.7cm 2.25in dia. / 7.06in cir. red/blue /clear 8.9oz/252gr

X30/X30 Xtreme

9.75in/24.7cm 2.25in dia. / 7.06in cir. red/blue /clear 10.3oz /292gr

X40/X40 Xtreme

11.5in/29.2cm 2.45in dia. / 7.69in cir. red/blue /clear 15.3oz/436gr


12.0in/30.5cm  2.75in dia. / 8.63in cir. subject to stock 1lb 1.6oz/499gr

*Please keep in mind that pump internal length will decrease by roughly 1.5in once proper suction and seal are achieved.

2. Choose your color (all colors are transparent).


3. Select your accessories (optional):

a) Shower/support Strap: A rugged nylon strap that helps you from losing suction. Hands free workouts. Good insurance against dropping your hydropump.

b) Storage Case & Cleaning Kit: Keep your Bathmate working like new for years. Specialized cleaning sponges. 2 towels. Durable and discreet storage bag.

c) Capsule Case: Sleek hard-shell protective storage for the traveler. You never have to leave your hydro pump at home again.

d) Long Insert Pad (X30 & X40): Many loyal Hydromax users lobbied for this type of product so here it is. Longer than the stock comfort pad providing what many is a smoother, more comfortable workout.

e) Comfort Pads 3-Pak (Hercules & Goliath): Easy to replace. Providing optimum pelvic comfort. Never let a damaged comfort pad interrupt your workout regimen again!