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  Introducing Bathmate's newest weapon on the war against inadequate size and erectile dysfunction. The X20 Xtreme is sold as a kit which includes a bounty of accessories providing you with the most powerfully efficient hydropump experience to date. Removing the Hardshell Storage Case from the box you unzip to find your X20 Xtreme hydropump along with: Shower Support Strap which helps maintain seal & stability during workouts in the shower. Long Insert Comfort Pad which provides you with a smoother pumping experience. Cleaning Sponge to keep your hydropump working at its maximum. Measuring Gauge that keeps track of your...

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The Bathmate Shop ( is a verified retailer of the Bathmate line of products and offers worldwide* shipping of Bathmate products (*a few countries are excluded).  Shipping rates within North America (United States & Canada) are $12.00 flat. The rest of the world is $42.00 Shipping time varies for orders placed for overseas destinations, but most usually arrive within 6-10 business days.

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Bathmate Hydromax - Does It Work? This is a question we have come across more than a few times online and a good question it is. Who wants to buy a Bathmate if it doesn't work. Who wants to buy any product if it doesn't work. So we have taken a minute to write a post about the Bathmate and its results to try and help answer the question "does the bathmate work". After years of working in the industry and selling the Bathmate along with other products and getting to test many, I can honestly tell you, the Bathmate...

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