Dinafem Industrial Plant

Industrial Plant A flower-making machine Industrial Plant is the fastest and most productive feminised cannabis seed of...
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Dinafem Industrial Plant

Dinafem Industrial Plant


Dinafem Industrial Plant

Pack of: 5

Industrial Plant

A flower-making machine

Industrial Plant is the fastest and most productive feminised cannabis seed of our collection. Cannabis growers refer to her as the Ferrari of marijuana strains for her heavy yield and incredible velocity. In fact, she's a real goldmine with which bountiful crops are more than guaranteed.

This outstanding strain derives from the cross of an Afghani and a Thai, two THC-rich genetics with superior features and a spotless reputation. Easy peasy: a fast, heavy-yielding and tasty marijuana strain with highly psychedelic but balanced effects.


Industrial Plant is rather Sativa-like in structure, with long branches and ample internodal spacing. When it comes to her size, she could easily reach heights of 2.5 metres outdoors. Indoors, she presents a more moderate growth. As the flowering phase kicks off, numerous buds start to appear all over her body until she ends up completely covered in them.


Industrial Plant is an Olympic medalist in terms of yield. Proudly living up to her name, she’s generally the strain commercial growers opt for when they need bountiful quality crops. In fact, her yield being above average is one of the reasons why she’s perfect for cultivating in style. In optimal conditions, this heavy-producer can provide up to 625 g/m2 indoors and some 1300 g/plant outdoors. On top of that, she not only produces lots of flowers but she still has the energy to cover them in a sticky layer of delicious resin that brings an important added value to the end product.

Aromas and flavours

Industrial Plant has very strong organoleptic features. During the growing process, she gives off a subtle woody and mossy aroma with hints of citrus and pepper. Once harvested and dry, cannabis acquires other types of nuances that make her aroma even more intense. And, in the mouth, all your senses will feel at ease surrounded by intense notes of citrus, Skunk, wood, and spices.


Industrial Plant delivers a moderate and pleasant effect, suitable for everyone. This balanced psychedelic experience offers physically relaxing sensations while keeping the head clear. A perfect equation where her 10-14% THC levels play an important role. The 'high' stays intense for a long while and it’s perfect to carry out lucidity- and calmness-requiring activities.


Industrial Plant grows at light speed, always prepared to fight any problem that may arise. Indoors, the flowering phase lasts about 45-50 days and, outdoors, she’ll be ready for harvest by mid-October. Her vigour, particularly when grown indoors, will leave even the most experienced cultivators in awe, and, if SOG or SCROG methods are used, then, the results will be simply amazing. Outdoors, she'll thrive in dry, temperate or Mediterranean climates. The flowering phase is a real fireworks festival where a series of extraordinary explosions take place. Stop thinking that only expert growers will be capable of obtaining such results. Give it a go and see what happens!

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