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707 Truthband

by Emerald Mountain: an underground strain from California

We are proud at Humboldt Seed Organization to premier the 707 Truthband, one of the most demanded underground strains in California. Created by Ras-Truth, from Emerald Mountain, 707 Truthband is a feminized Sativa-dominant cannabis strain which offers OG Kush fans the chance to cultivate a new state-of-the-art version.

When you look at the history of the hybrid evolution only a small group of people was privy to the real story of how the most famous strains in North America were created. OG Kush, Amherst Super Skunk or the original Chemdawg are just some of the cannabis jewels resulting from Ras-Truth's creative and influential touch. With "Family" roots deep inside the Emerald Triangle, Ras-Truth has maintained one of the most renowned and well-respected libraries with the creation of the Emerald Mountain Seed Collective. From pristine autochthonous selections such as hisPre-Soviet Afghan aka "PSA" to complex flavor-driven hybrids like his back-to-back Emerald Cup-winning Royal Purple Kush. Breeding has come natural to him for more than 2 decades. He's, in fact, the author of 707 Truthband, a 3-way cross was taken from an elite F5 Truth OG male and crossed with the 707 Headband. The 707 Headband X Maui X "The Truth" (Super Skunk X Chemdawg) is dominated by the Sativa-leaning parentage. Vigorous veg growth and strong infrastructure set the stage for good light penetration. This leads to long internodal stacking with massive sites best supported by double trellising.

High metabolism

Indoors, you can expect a 10-week finish. The 707 Truthband can be quite easily identified by dominant gassy floral and skunk overtones while expressing beautiful red, orange and purple hues. A strong feeding schedule is recommended to support the 707 Truthband's high metabolism. The flavor profile is comprised of a funky gas and spice filled aroma backed by complex skunk and fruity undertones. The 707 Truthband is remarkably cerebral for a Sativa-leaning breed and is great for creative activity, appetite stimulation and works quite well as a sleeping aid. The 707 Truthband is the first of many releases from Ras-Truth of Emerald Mountain as quality of care and the spiritual aspect of growing run hand and hand from this famous breeder of the Emerald Triangle.