Your Bathmate & Hydromax pump is designed to provide you with many years of trouble free use. It is covered by a one or two year warranty against defective parts or poor workmanship depending on your country of residence. Full details of the warranty can be seen on the manufacturers website: www.dxpsupport.com


Manufacturer Warranty

Bathmate & Hydromax Products are designed to provide many years of trouble free use.
All Bathmate & Hydromax are covered by a one or two year warranty depending on country of residence.
The Bathmate Hydrodouche range is covered by a lifetime warranty.
Bathmate Accessories are covered by a one or two year warranty depending on country of residence.

What is covered by the Manufacturers Warranty.

The warranty covers defective materials or workmanship
Failure of the spring or valve mechanism in normal use.
Breaks or tears in the gaiter material caused by normal use
Cracks or fissures in the polycarbonate body (unless caused by accidental or deliberate damage)

What is not covered by the Warranty.

Normal wear and tear of the product and accessories.

Damage caused by misuse of the product, including but not exclusive to:

1.       Damage to the product caused by impact or crushing, whether intentional or accidental

2.      Using the product without the correct comfort insert.

3.      Twisting or other intentional distortion of the bellows gaiter or vessel.

4.      Using inappropriate levels for force on the product.

5.      Jamming, twisting or otherwise deliberately causing the valve to malfunction.

6.      Using the product to unblock drains 


Alteration, modification or re-design of the product, including but is not exclusive to:

1.      The application of paint, lacquer, varnish or other decorative medium.

2.      The addition of pipes, hoses or external vacuum pump devices.

3.      Drilling of holes into the body of the vessel

4.      The use of adhesives

5.      Inappropriate use of tools, such as attempting to remove valve parts with pliers, saw etc.

Damage caused by the use of inappropriate cleaning products:
Bathmate products are designed to be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cleaning sponge only. Use of detergents, solvents or other chemical cleaners is not advised and damage caused by the use of such cleaning products is not covered under the warranty. Wear or Damage caused by cleaning the product with an abrasive agent or implement is also not covered by the warranty

Damage caused by inappropriate storage of the product: 
Bathmate products should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. The warranty does not cover damage caused by exposure to high levels of heat or cold, high levels of humidity, or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or other radiating source.

Damage caused to valve parts caused by the valve mechanism being left in the closed position during storage.




Warranty Returns
In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, please contact the manufacturer in the first instance with details of the reason for claiming against warranty.  DX Products Ltd reserves the right to request photographic evidence of the fault, provision of evidence of damage when dealing with a warranty claim. Upon receipt of this information DX Products Ltd will make a decision whether to request the return of the Hydropump for repair or may in some cases offer a replacement unit.