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Creeper Haze XXL Auto

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Creeper Haze XXL Auto

Genetics: Creeper Auto & Haze XXL Auto

Height: Up to 1 metre

Flowering time: 80 days.

THC: Tested at 24%

Creeping it's way through your brain and body. Creeper from sativa seed club was given a size and attitude upgrade from our super stable and consistant motherstock of Haze XXL. Starting off mild and relaxing this creepy fucker will induce an enjoyable brain fog that will have you forgetting the reason why your standing in the kitchen. Accompanied by the munchies the buzz has a tendency to have long legs and the ability to last for hours. So sit back, enjoy and try not to look out the window too much ! This creepy girl has a tendency to get real big. 80 - 95 days