Dinafem Bubba Kush CBD

Bubba Kush is an exotic, indica-dominant marijuana plant that has achieved mythical status in the United States....
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Dinafem Bubba Kush CBD

Vendor: Dinafem

Dinafem Bubba Kush CBD


Vendor: Dinafem

Dinafem Bubba Kush CBD

Pack of: 5 Seeds

Bubba Kush is an exotic, indica-dominant marijuana plant that has achieved mythical status in the United States. Its fame and reputation aren't without good reason, as it is a strain that has unique organoleptic qualities on all levels, with the exotic taste of spices and coffee. It is an Afghan beauty that acts as an analgesic and produces an effect which is calming yet potent and long-lasting. By adding high levels of CBD, we have managed to tone down this effect. Let's put it another way: instead of making us feel completely lethargic and anaesthetised, the CBD gives us a mild and progressive sense of calm which is moderately potent.

Apart from having properties which make it very useful in the field of medicine, CBD has also become highly valued for recreational consumption, as it enhances the experience of many users. Why, you might ask… to put it simply, this substance is not psychoactive. This means that it doesn't produce those effects that can sometimes be unpleasant (anxiety, rapid heart rate, social phobia, dry mouth, etc.). And that´s not all. Cannabidiol counteracts the effects caused by THC, significantly improving the experience for many people who can't tolerate the extreme effects of marijuana.

Think of CBD as a referee who implements the rules of play, stopping the game from becoming too rough and preventing the players from getting injured. It is a filter which turns marijuana consumption into a sustainable experience that allows us to go about our daily life with ease while still enjoying that little bit of joy and stimulation which comes with cannabis.

Bubba Kush CBD is the result of crossing Pre'98 Bubba Kush with our mother strain of pure CBD. This hybrid guarantees a minimum THC/CBD ratio of 1:1, which can rise to 1:2 if the conditions for growth are favourable. It is a strain which is particularly recommended for therapeutic use as it has a total cannabinoid content of between 14% and 18% (THC+CBD).

The plant is a fragrant, captivating beauty which takes on violet tones during the flowering stage, which is a major plus. Not only is it full of flavour, but also a uniquely beautiful and decorative plant. A true delight for the senses. Bubba Kush CBD is a good choice for any grower, particularly those who love indica strains. It is a variety that invites us to enjoy its aromatic depth of flavour -that deep, spicy flavour with hints of oil and coffee- as well its moderate, pleasant effects which are of medium duration. For fans of this strain, it is a fine product that allows them to enjoy a taste which satisfies the most sophisticated of palates, but without having to endure the consequences of its psychoactive potency.

This is the most indica-dominant strain in our range of seeds that are high in CBD. The plant is accessible to the general public as it develops like a shrub; it is small and squat with large, wide leaves. Bubba Kush is very generous when it comes to the final yield, producing dense, compact buds that give off a very strong aroma which is a mixture of earth, sweet fruit and Kush.

Its high levels of CBD put it among the varieties of marijuana seeds which are suitable for therapeutic use, and this strain is highly recommended for insomnia, lack of appetite and relieving muscle pain.


Now you know all about Bubba Kush CBD… here are the technical details

  • Suitable for indoors and outside
  • Sex: feminised
  • Genotype: 70% indica/30% sativa
  • Cross between: Pre'98 Bubba Kush and pure CBD
  • Indoor flowering: 55-60 days
  • Indoor harvest: mid-October
  • Indoor yield: 450 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 900 g/plant
  • Height when grown outside: upto 2.5 m
  • THC: 8%
  •  CBD: 10%
  •  THC/CBD ratio: 1:1

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