Dinafem Cheese XXL, Auto


Dinafem Cheese XXL, Auto

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Cheese XXL Autoflowering

Skunk to the marrow, autoflowering speed and monster yields

Our breeders put a great deal of effort into creating Cheese XXL Autoflowering, because a strain as important as this deserved our developing a very special autoflowering version of hers. We can, with no hesitation, confirm that this XXL version, born from the cross of an Exodus Cheese and a Cheese Autoflowering, has exceeded all our expectations.

A hybrid that brings together the speed of autoflowering genetics and all the virtues of Cheese, she not only delivers top-quality crops but she will also impress Skunk-lovers with a surprising monster-yield!


Cheese XXL Autoflowering cannabis seeds turn into big-sized plants that could grow up to 1.60 meters. Vigorous hybrids that grow incredibly fast and develop quite a lot of branches, similar to her feminised relative Cheese. This high-end autoflowering strain produces a large terminal cola and many secondary buds, all amazingly dense and compact.


Given her amazing yielding capacity, this stinky champion may need the use of stakes at the end of the flowering in order to hold her branches full of heavy and resinous buds. Best results are obtained when adding 30 % of coco coir to the substrate and when watering frequently but sparsely.

Aromas and flavours

The aroma this strain emanates is reminiscent of UK Cheese; a scent inherited from the Exodus Cheese elite clone. She showcases very intense and special aromas and flavours, with hints of fresh flowers, Skunk and spicy spices.


The effect of Cheese XXL Autoflowering is famous for its balance, starting with an invigorating sensation that gently moves towards a rather long-lasting feeling of relaxation. She’s the best bet for making interesting conversations with your friends.


This strain has been of great help to amateur growers all over the world. Why? Because, thanks to her short life cycle and easy-to-grow properties, she’s the perfect choice for those who are taking their first steps in this world and want to make sure their pantries end up full of top-quality products.

From such a stable strain only homogeneous plants could come about; plants that are, in this case, not particularly resistant to fungi and don’t have to be overfed. That's why, when using fertilisers, you'd better stick to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Like all Cheese genetics, this hybrid gives off a pungent cheesy aroma that needs monitoring. So setting up anti-odour systems when growing indoors is always a wise decision. If you decide to cultivate outdoors, remember she isn't particularly discreet and maybe balconies or gardens are not the most suitable places. Her size and piercing aroma will make your neighbors become rather suspicious. She’s perfect for guerilla growing and for cultivating in remote areas.