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Dinafem Dinamex

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Dinafem Dinamex

A ground-breaking and exotic cannabis cocktail

At Dinafem Seeds, we've created a very special strain that is sure to captivate all those who love old-school Californian and Mexican genetics. We're talking about Dinamex, a feminised cannabis seed developed by our team of breeders crossing a Cali Sour, which is a Mexican and Californian hybrid, and an Emerald OG Kush, regarded as one of the best strains in the international cannabis market. With this more-than-respectable seed, old-school Mexican and Californian hybrid-lovers are going to have fun not only cultivating but consuming her as well. Beautiful plants and unprecedented sensations in a European strain.


Dinamex generally turns into mid-sized marijuana plants that may reach heights of 3 meters outdoors in some cases. With an open and branchy structure, and ample distance between nodes, they look just glowing. Light penetrates easily, reaching every inch of their body and giving way to numerous evenly-distributed homogeneous buds that will surprise the cannabis grower at the end of the flowering. Their shape allows good ventilation, which helps avoid moisture and pest-related problems and boost the production of dense, heavy buds.


Dinamex quickly starts showing what she’s capable of. She can produce up to 550 g/m2 indoors and 600-800 g/plant outdoors. When the time of the harvest arrives, your cultivation will look like a paradise full of quality buds overflowing with resin.

Aromas and flavours

Dinamex is a marijuana strain giving off a rather discreet aroma with a very intense and special taste. When this marvelously balanced mix of hints of fuel, sour fruit, Diesel and lemon touches your taste buds, your senses will start to dance moving even the most stolid connoisseur.


Dinamex produces a very potent and long-lasting sensation. From the very first drag, you’ll start to feel a wisely organised combination of cerebrally stimulating and physically relaxing sensations that will soon turn into a feeling of mental lucidity and physical agility which is perfect for any kind of situation.


Dinamex is accessible to all kinds of growers. In fact, she’s so easy to cultivate that even the most inexperienced grower will be able to obtain great results. This is possible owing to several key factors that make it all far easier:

  • High resistance to moisture and diseases.
  • Fast flowering. Indoors, the flowering phase lasts about 60-65 days and, outdoors, she’ll be ready for harvest by mid-October.
  • A standard diet is more than enough.
  • Stability and homogeneity.
  • She’s barely smelly, so she can be grown almost everywhere.

When growing outdoors, it’s necessary to make sure the weather conditions are just perfect, that is, temperate and Mediterranean-like.