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Dinafem Dinamex, Auto

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Dinamex Autoflowering

Sativa in essence, Indica in shape and an unbeatable taste

The whole team of Dinafem Seeds had a crush on Dinamex Autoflowering, which is not surprising, because this autoflowering hybrid was born to prove all autoflowering sceptics that these seeds can offer not only heavy yields, but a fast-flowering and an unbeatable taste as well. A mighty trident that will persuade even the most reluctant!

This Sativa-dominant hybrid, derived from crossing a Dinamex and a Haze 2.0 Autoflowering, was a very special finding since she was Sativa in essence but slightly Indica in shape. What a combination!


This peculiar Sativa-dominant strain turns into rather Indica-like plants which are mid-sized and thick with very short internodal spacing and the ability to produce incredibly dense buds.


Dinamex Autoflowering is a cannabis plant that gives good results in terms of yield as well. In fact, this exotic beauty produces generous crops of dense and elongated resin-packed flowers.

Aromas and flavours

The taste of Dinamex Autoflowering is one of her main assets: a really complex and rather unusual mixture of intense flavours with hints of diesel, fuel and citrus.


Her effect is both physically and cerebrally strong, long-lasting and clear. The perfect marijuana strain for listening to the music as well as for giving free rein to your creativity, especially when working with plastic arts.


Dinamex Autoflowering is the perfect solution for those growers who are looking for a well-rounded and balanced marijuana strain that is not only easy-to-grow but incredibly fast too. Ideal for city growers itching to fill their pantries without drawing up any attention. This small and discreet plant is what they all need for their balconies and city gardens.

A cannabis seed with which growers of all levels will easily obtain bountiful marijuana crops in a really quick and easy manner, both indoors and outdoors. For this beauty to show her full potential, we recommend fertilising a bit more than usual as well as watering regularly but sparsely. Adding 30 % of coco coir to the substrate will also help enhance the metabolic processes of the plant.