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Dinafem Fruit, Auto

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Fruit Autoflowering

The sweetest and fruitiest beauty, now at light speed

Fruit Autoflowering is one of the most special and charming Dinagirls in our catalogue; a sweet, fruity candy that was born to seduce us all with her delicate perfume. This Indica-dominant feminised and autoflowering cannabis seed, created by the team of breeders at Dinafem Seeds by crossing a Lowryder#1, a Dinafem#1 and a Grapefruit, is here to blend all the advantages automatic strains offer in with the amazing taste and aroma of her predecessor, the world-renowned Grapefruit.


As one would expect from an Indica, Fruit Autoflowering is, due to her small size and short internodal spacing, perfect for people looking for discretion. A sugary beauty that develops a huge main cola but very few branches full of numerous thick and perfumed buds.


Fruit Autoflowering delivers numerous beautiful, dense and resinous buds that give off a delicious scent. The perfect choice for filling our pantries with the best fruity taste.

Aromas and flavours

This is certainly her most highly regarded trait. A top-notch taste that seduces even the most demanding palates with delicious hints of sugar and ripe berries.


This strain with a moderate and long-lasting effect provides a nice feeling of relaxation. She’s just perfect for those rainy Sundays when all you want to do is lie down on the couch under a cozy blanket.


Embodying the elegance in the cannabis world, Fruit Autoflowering doesn’t really like drawing any attention, which is perfect for city growers or people lacking growing space. A lady that thrives in exchange for very little attention and in the hands of inexperienced growers. A bit of pampering will be enough for this strain to produce a nice fruity scent at the end of the flowering, right when her tasty buds are almost ready for harvest. We recommend a standard fertilizing regimen and frequent but sparse watering plans, always making sure no standing water is left on the substrate.

Outdoors, she enjoys warm, Mediterranean climates as well as the protection of the greenhouse. In order to make the most out of this little jewel, we’d better not only add 1/3 of coco coir to the substrate but also use pots of 10-20 litres.