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Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD

Stability, yield and moderate effects

Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD is a cannabis seed that guarantees high levels of stability and industrial-sized crops in just 70 days. With her, you'll be able to enjoy all the advantages of CBD. Derived from the cross of an Industrial Plant Autoflowering and a Pure CBD, Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD was one of the first cannabidiol-rich autoflowering genetics created by Dinafem Seeds' team of breeders and, as such, she set the quality standards to be followed. Not for nothing was she named 2nd best autoflowering at the High Life Cup Holland in 2016. To top off this already incredible cocktail, a delicious and intense taste of lemony Haze with hints of sweet fruits and Skunk.


Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD turns into a mid-sized plant noted for the big clusters of resin-packed flowers that build up at the top of the plant as well as all over her side branches. Her high levels of stability are particularly striking because they give way to incredibly homogeneous and stable plants.


Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD lives up to her name and to her lineage producing amazingly numerous cannabis buds. Thanks to Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD, we can quickly obtain really homogeneous industrial-sized crops with high CBD content.

Aromas and flavours

Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD showcases a delicious and intense taste of lemony Haze, with hints of sweet fruits, Skunk, citrus, and spices.


Due to her 1:2 THC:CBD ratio, the potency of Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD is moderate. She also presents a very good Indica-Sativa balance that makes her effect a perfect combination of physically relaxing and cerebrally invigorating sensations.


Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD is so stable that the plants she produces are almost clones. All this makes our beloved Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD especially suitable for the SOG (Sea of Green) growing method. For example, if up to 36 plants/m2 can be grown on a high-density basis (25, 30 or 36 plants uniformly distributed in 5x5, 5x6 or 6x6 patterns), with only 16 plants of Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD we’d get even better yields.

Given her autoflowering status, adding 1/3 of coco coir to the substrate is highly advisable. This way, roots will have enough space to adequately metabolise all the nutrients. We wholeheartedly recommend growing Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD in 10-15-litre pots in order to make the most out of this heavy producer. When it comes to the irrigation time sequence, you’d better do so frequently but sparsely if you don’t want the roots to drown. Be careful not to leave puddles of standing water on the substrate!