Dinafem Moby Dick #2

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Moby Dick#2

A new twist to our Moby Dick

Moby Dick#2 is a brand-new version of Moby Dick cannabis seeds. A new twist to the legendary killer whale, with not only all the traits that have made her predecessor one of the most-requested marijuana strains in the industry but with many distinctive features of her own as well: a sweeter taste, inherited from Northern Lights, and a slightly shorter flowering period, as a result of her higher Indica dominance.


As for her looks, Moby Dick#2 is rather similar to the original Moby Dick. She’s basically a tall and strong plant with an amazing vertical and horizontal growth, a super-vigorous main cola and several branches.


Moby Dick#2 is also a great producer of large and dense buds overflowing with resin.

Aromas and flavours

The taste and scent of Moby Dick#2 are intense, masterfully mixing hints of lemon, sandalwood, spices and incense.


Her effect is potent, mainly cerebral and long-lasting. She’s a great choice for after a hard day at work.


One of the main differences with respect to her predecessor is that, due to her higher Indica dominance, she flowers more quickly. If you’re growing indoors, we recommend doing so in SOG. Outdoors, she thrives in dry, sunny, temperate and Mediterranean climates as well as under the protection of a greenhouse. Unlike Moby Dick, one of the greediest plants in our catalogue, Moby Dick#2 doesn’t require any extra fertilizing. On top of that, the Northern Lights genes improve her yield.