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Dinafem Shark Shock CBD

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Shark Shock CBD

The great shark, accessible to all

Behind Shark Shock CBD cannabis seeds there are years of hard work, a process that started back in the '90s with the birth of one of the most carefully designed strains of the decade: the legendary Shark Shock. By crossing this fabulous queen with a selected male by CBD Crew, we've created Shark Shock CBD, one of the heaviest-yielding strains of Dinafem Seeds' entire CBD catalogue. An all-around hybrid offering not only a really balanced effect but multiple therapeutic properties too.


Shark Shock CBD turns into mid-sized round-shaped marijuana plants, with short internodes and lots of branches, that produce plenty of buds with surprisingly long and striking pistils.


This is, no doubt, one of the main strengths of this extraordinary strain. Shark Shock CBD ensures abundant harvests of very compact, rock-hard buds overflowing with resin. A safe bet for all those who want to easily obtain top-quality cannabis crops with a balanced effect and a wide variety of therapeutic properties.

Aromas and flavours

Shark Shock CBD cannabis plants showcase very intense flavours and aromas, with bittersweet hints and some touches of garlic.


Thanks to her 1:1 ratio, Shark Shock CBD delivers a balanced and relaxing effect that is perfect for fighting stress. Her Indica dominance makes her also suitable for night time use. Due to the high CBD content in her, she’s ideal for therapeutic use as well as for those who prefer consuming marijuana strains that are not as powerful as THC-rich hybrids. After a hard day at work, while having a warm bath, enjoy yourself and relax deeply.


Shark Shock CBD is the perfect strain for those looking for good yields in a remarkably short time because she can indeed produce incredibly bountiful crops very fast (55 days of flowering). After this time, you’ll be able to stock your pantry with amazing CBD-rich buds.

Despite performing well both indoors and outdoors, it is in dry, temperate or Mediterranean climates that she thrives. If we, unfortunately, don’t live in a region with these weather conditions and we still want to grow outdoors, we’d better do so under the protection of a greenhouse.