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Florida Gaspack

Sex: Feminized

Genotype: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

Lineage: Chem ‘95 x OG Kush “Florida Cut” aka The “Triangle” OG

The mysterious arrival of the Chemdawg series left many connoisseurs desiring these elusive phenotypes for decades. Though the origins of lineage remain unknown, the impact they’ve had on the cannabis industry is undeniable. This cross between a Chem ‘95 and the infamous Florida OG aka “Triangle OG” cut resulted in a greasy, chemical scented masterpiece. This legendary variety maintains the exquisite potency sought by many for more than 25 years. These flavors shaped the modern day hybrid movement and are by far some of the most desired the cannabis world has to offer. With amazing bag appeal and extreme potency this strain is an ideal addition for collectors and connoisseurs alike.