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Big Bang Auto

The Big Bang Auto by Green House Seeds is quite the cosmic blend, merging the legendary genetics of Skunk, Northern Light, El Niño, and Ruderalis into a stargazing journey of 10% Sativa, 80% Indica, and 10% Ruderalis. It's as if the universe itself conspired to create a strain that's not only a breeze to grow but also generously quick to flower, wrapping up its show in a swift 6 to 8 weeks. Under the right indoor constellation—say a 600W light—this star child can yield a galactic bounty of up to 900g/m2.

But Big Bang Auto isn't just about the cosmic yield; it's a healing nebula, dispensing medicinal marvels that have found their way into Dutch pharmacies, no less. It's like a celestial body that's drifted down to offer solace, perfect for those moments when Earth feels a bit too heavy. Its therapeutic vibes are known to ease pain, stir up the appetite, combat insomnia, quell nausea, and dial down stress, making it a beacon for those navigating the darker spaces of discomfort.

This strain's THC content orbits around 10 to 20%, with a CBD presence that's modest, under 2%. Its effects? Imagine floating in the calm of space—laidback, relaxing, soothing—free from the gravity of worldly woes. It's a journey suited for those new to the cultivation cosmos or seasoned astronauts alike, thriving in both indoor and outdoor galaxies as long as the climate doesn't dip below the 10°C mark.

Originating from the stellar nurseries of the Netherlands, Big Bang Auto might not have any trophies in its constellation yet, but its medicinal virtues and ease of cultivation make it a celestial gem worth exploring. Whether you're looking to cultivate a garden of tranquility or seeking solace in its soothing embrace, this strain promises a voyage through the cosmos, right from the comfort of your own home.

6 weeks, with production up to 900 gr/m2.
Can be flowered at any photoperiod between 12 and 18 hours of light per day.
Very good for SoG.

5-6 weeks, with production up to 45 gr/plant.
Medium size, strong plant.
Can be flowered anytime of the year provided temperature stays above 10° C.