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So, here we are, diving deep into the heart of cannabis royalty with none other than Green House Seeds' Chemdog, a strain that's as legendary as the tales of its origin. Imagine this: a fusion of the mighty OG Kush and the ever-zesty Sour Diesel, coming together to give you a blend that's 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. It's like the cannabis cosmos aligned to gift us this potent masterpiece.

Now, let’s talk numbers because Chemdog is not just any regular Joe on the block. This bad boy packs a THC level that's through the roof at 24.5%! It's like hopping on a cosmic ride through the galaxies with its narcotic effects and a mind-bending alteration of perception. Whether you're a seasoned stoner or a curious newbie, Chemdog is like that wise, old friend who knows just how to take you on a journey.

Growing this plant is like nurturing a piece of the emerald heavens. Indoors, it's ready to show its true colors within 9 weeks, stretching out its branches like it’s reaching for the stars, with yields that can skyrocket up to 800 gr/m^2. Outdoors, this plant is a generous soul, ready to share its bounty by the first week of October, offering up to 1000 gr/plant. It’s as if each bud is a treasure chest filled with green gold.

And the effects? Oh, my friend, they’re as medicinal as they are mystical. Perfect for those days when chronic pain seems like an uninvited guest, Chemdog comes to the rescue, offering relief and a ticket to tranquility. The flavor? It kicks off with a tangy, acidic lemon zest, followed by a rush of diesel fuel that's oddly satisfying, like a long-lost flavor from your wildest dreams.

In the world of cannabis, Chemdog is that cool, mysterious character with stories that could fill books, offering an experience that’s as rich in history as it is in flavour. Whether you're looking to explore the depths of your consciousness or simply chill out with a strain that’s got character, Chemdog by Green House Seeds is your go-to buddy. Let’s raise our bongs to this iconic strain, a true testament to the magic that happens when art meets science in the world of weed.

30%  SATIVA  -  70%  INDICA  

THC:  21.51%  CBD:  1.50%   CBN:  0%  

9 weeks and a yield up to 800 gr/m.2.
Good for ScrOG or LST.

Finishes by the first week of October (North hemisphere).
Production can reach 1000 gr/plant.
Long-internodes, branchy plant.

2ndC-420 Growers Cup 2008.