Green House Seeds, FullGas!

FullGas! 60%  SATIVA  -  40%  INDICA   THC:  28.5%  CBN:  0.35%   CBD:  0.20%   GENETICS Exodus...
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Green House Seeds, FullGas!

Vendor: Green House Seed Co

Green House Seeds, FullGas!


Vendor: Green House Seed Co

Green House Seeds, FullGas!

Pack of: 5 Seeds


60%  SATIVA  -  40%  INDICA  

THC:  28.5%  CBN:  0.35%   CBD:  0.20%  

Exodus Cheese x Sherbert OG

The effects are strong and fast hitting and combine the uplifting high of the exodus with that strong OG effects from the Sherbert OG making it a great smoke to relax.

Flowering Cycle: 8-9 weeks
Yield: High

Harvest: 3rd Week of September
Average Height: 160 - 170 cm
Yield: 800g plant

Not yet introduced.

FullGas! Info:
Welcome to a world of exquisite cannabis strains where Fullgas! takes center stage, a splendid tribute to the much-missed Franco Loja from the Green House Seed Company family. Those fortunate enough to have known Franco understand his profound love for the Cheese strain, especially the unique Exodus Cheese.

Fullgas! holds a special place in the hearts of the Green House Seeds team. This particular cut of Exodus Cheese was chosen during a memorable time when Franco was living in the vibrant city of Barcelona around 2015, making it all the more meaningful for us. With the desire to complement the already intricate taste profile of the Exodus Cheese, we sought to infuse vigor and vitality into the mix. And so, we found the perfect counterpart with rich, gassy notes in one of our recent selections from the Sunset Sherbert x Diagonal OG, crafted by the talented breeders at Cannarado Genetics.

The chosen phenotype boasted an ideal bud shape and aroma reminiscent of Diagonal OG, while also capturing the creamy sweetness of the Sunset. It was a harmonious blend, showcasing a classic OG plant structure. The outcome? A mesmerizing crossbreed that marries the robust, aromatic presence of Exodus Cheese with the structural strength and zest of the Sherbert OG.

As you indulge in Fullgas!, prepare for a burst of gassy flavor to enhance your smoking experience. The initial sweetness of the cheese delicately unfolds, followed by the earthy undertones of the OG – a true sensory delight. The plant itself is a marvel, with sturdy branches inherited from the Sherbert OG, ready to support the weight of abundant buds. These buds are compact, round, and generously coated in resin.

For those cultivating indoors, Fullgas! promises impressive yields, potentially reaching up to 600g/m2, with a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Outdoor growers are not left out, with potential yields of up to 800g/plant, an average height of 160-170cm, and harvest time around the third week of September (in the Northern Hemisphere).

The effects? They are swift and potent, blending the uplifting high of the Exodus with the profound OH effects from the Sherbert OG. It's the perfect strain for winding down and embracing relaxation, all while basking in the rich legacy of Franco Loja and the innovative spirit of the Green House Seed Company. So, immerse yourself in the Fullgas! experience and discover the magic of this exceptional strain. Cheers to elevated moments and fond memories!

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