Nori Cake Cannabis Seeds

Green House Seeds, Nori Cake

Tarte Tatin 30%  SATIVA  -  70%  INDICA   THC:  25%  CBN:  0.8%   CBD:  0.5%   GENETICS...
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Nori Cake Cannabis Seeds

Green House Seeds, Nori Cake

$82.50 $78.00

Green House Seeds, Nori Cake

$82.50 $78.00
Pack of: 5 Seeds

Tarte Tatin

30%  SATIVA  -  70%  INDICA  

THC:  25%  CBN:  0.8%   CBD:  0.5%  

Kush Mint x Wonder Pie


The Nori Cake is an exciting new addition to the Green House Seed Catalog. Getting its name from the famous Japanese algae used in snacks and sushi all over the world, it is a very exciting variation of flavors that will make all the Kush Lovers happy. The Nori Cake is a cross of the Kush Mint from Seed Junky, known for its potency and strong taste, with our Wonder Pie and its strong OG Kush background. A perfect mix that brings back the essence of the old school kushes, a strong mossy and earthy smell, similar to a humid forest soil after the rain. A beautiful expression of aromas that all explode in the mouth in a powerful and long lasting taste, similar, in a way, to the old school Afghani Kush flavors, but enhanced to new levels with the combination of both strains.

The Nori Cake grows in a strong plant that develops vigorous secondary branches; the stems are thick and standing strong in their position with a closed angle between the stem and secondary branch. The inflorescences will regularly grow all along the stem, making a beautiful and compact flower with an OG shape full of trichomes. The stem and flower of the Nori Cake can sometimes turn darker hues at the end of flowering, making it a beautiful plant to witness at the end of its cycle.

The effects are strong and fast. As you exhale the first puff, you will notice the earthiness and a potent buzz that will fill all your muscles and create a heavy feeling in your extremities. It is recommended for experienced smokers, rather than beginners. It will give you the munchies and red eyes for a while, making it perfect to enjoy a movie night.

Flowering Cycle: 8 - 9 weeks
Yield: High

Harvest: End of September
Average Height: 150 - 250cm
Yield: 1400g/plant

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