Green House Seeds, Persian Pie

Persian Pie (Feminized) 40%  SATIVA  -  60%  INDICA   THC:  27%  CBN:  0.2%   CBD:  0.2%  ...
Seed Breeder: Green House Seed Co
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Pack of: 5 Seeds
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Green House Seeds, Persian Pie

Vendor: Green House Seed Co

Green House Seeds, Persian Pie


Vendor: Green House Seed Co

Green House Seeds, Persian Pie

Pack of: 5 Seeds

Persian Pie (Feminized)

40%  SATIVA  -  60%  INDICA  

THC:  27%  CBN:  0.2%   CBD:  0.2%  

Lemon Tree & Banana Krumble

The effects are instant and strong, you will feel first the headbuzz of the lemontree terpenes caressing your throat and going to your head joined by the sweetness of the banana flavor, before feeling the hit and power of the OG and Sour background that will spread thru your body creating a very mellow muscle relaxant effect. The effects are strong and fast hitting and combine the uplifting high of the exodus with that strong OG effects from the Sherbert OG making it a great smoke to relax.

Flowering Cycle: 8 - 9 weeks
Yield: High
Average Height: 120 - 180

Harvest: 3rd Week of September
Average Height: 200 - 350cm
Yield: 1000g/3500g plant

Not yet introduced.

The Persian Pie is our new combination of two powerful terpenes profiles. On one side the famous LemonTree from USA, known for its characteristically tree sap flavoured with the most acid lemon profile, earthiness and citrus. And on the other side our powerful Banana Krumble, the sweetness and complexity of the banana flavour mixed with the power of the OG.

The combination of those two strains, gave an amazing and vigorous hybrid plant that combines the sweetness of the banana with the acidic and earthy notes of the Lemon Tree. An explosion of fruity flavours, counterbalanced by the earthiness and gassy background of the OG, and Sour Diesel ancestors on the exhale, a beautiful experience.

The plants grows strong and vigorously, with relatively short internodal length, and with a beautiful pine tree structure. Strong branches that can hold some heavy flowers and nutrient uptake.

The flowers are very tight and compact, and will connect between each other to form a big main flower, covered in a beautiful trichome layers that will release an army of terpene essences your way, if you touch them! With some wide and short bladed leaves, that turn into beautiful colours by the end of the flowering time, it is an amazing and resistant strain to grow for beginners and experienced growers.

This strain is High THC

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