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L.A. Gelato Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds

New strains HSO x Sherbinski

As it couldn't be otherwise, 3 Kings BHB is also the parent to the L.A. Gelato. This time, though, she's been crossed with one cut of Acai Gelato; to be more precise, the #49 pheno selected by Mario in his SF garage. So, once again, Gelato is behind the amazing quality of this strain.

A plant with high climatic and environmental versatility known for her huge appetite resulting from all the energy she has to put into developing her aggressive lateral branching. If properly fertilized, extraordinary harvests are, however, guaranteed: large, compact nuggets whose dark coloring contrasts with the light shiny resin covering them. The effects are exactly as you'd expect from such tight nugs: powerful and long-lasting.

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