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Lingerie Cannabis Seeds by Sherbinksi & Humboldt Seed Organization

New strains HSO x Sherbinski

According to Sherbinski, what they wanted to do was add some more potency and higher yields to the original Pink Panties, which they definitely accomplished by crossing it with BHB 3 Kings, responsible for the massive amount of gooey resin. Lingerie is a strain with vigorous vegetative growth that can double in size when transitioning into the flowering stage. Despite having thin and elongated fan leaves, thorough cleaning and manicuring beneath primary and second layers of canopy is required for deep light penetration.

Those who grow Lingerie Cannabis seeds can expect 1 lb/m2 of Sativa-leaning spiky yet thick buds. Lots of juicy nugs with high resin production. The terpene expression is a blend of citrus, inherited from Pink Panties, wood and earth, from the 3 Kings, and sweet fruits, legacy of Blueberry. As for the effect, it's powerful but not too heavy.

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