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Humboldt Seeds, Purple Matcha (Sherbinksi)

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Purple Matcha Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds

New strains HSO x Sherbinski

Born from the cross of a 1st generation Girl Scout Cookies and a 3 Kings BHB, this Indica-leaning hybrid acquires a beautiful purple coloring during the last weeks of flowering, putting on an awe-inspiring visual show. But your eyes are not the only ones feasting. Your nose will also enjoy the spectacle. Fruity Blueberry nuances are matched by the sweet hints of the fruity 1st generation Kush.

Growing this sturdy plant is very easy too. No previous knowledge is needed to obtain excellent results. All she asks for to develop fully is a standard feeding regime. Thanks to her exceptional resistance to plagues and diseases many problems are avoided in this way.

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