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San Bacio Gelato Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds

New strains HSO x Sherbinski

This strain is definitely one of the most special ones resulting from this collab. Having the chance to work with the original Gelato is beyond the means of most people. However, if you are lucky enough to work with one of the men behind her creation, it's way easier. The breeding process of San Bacio Gelato started out with one of Sherbinski's most highly-guarded original clones of Gelato, and the result couldn't but take our breath away.

Exactly like her predecessor, San Bacio Gelato is a compact Indica with strong and prominent lateral branching. Expect huge thick nugs like the ones appearing on social media every day, with the extraordinary thickness and terpene profile unique to U.S. cannabis hybrids. The remarkable resin yield of the last weeks allows for a mind-blowing hard-hitting buzz.

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