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Sunrise Sherbet Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds

New strains HSO x Sherbinski

Direct descendant of Sunset Sherbert, a legendary strain born unexpectedly in Sherb's garage when a male Pink Panties accidentally pollinated some GSC female plants, Sunrise Sherbert contains features from some of the most iconic SF Bay Area strains, such as Gelato. Fast-growing, like any Indica-leaning strain, ready in no more than 65 days. A long vegetative period is required so her strong lateral branching can grow in every direction.

With the start of the blooming phase, she can double in size, so you may need to reorganize your grow space when that moment comes. Once the budding kicks off, you'll be amazed at the density of the nugs and their high resin production. As expected from such a quality plant, Sunrise Sherbert delivers a hard-hitting buzz.

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