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Dinafems Top Strains

by Paul Bax 10 May 2023 0 Comments

Moby Dick: The most emblematic Dinafem strain, cross of White Widow and a Haze hybrid that we believe could be Jack Herer, with great yields, intense flavour and powerful effects. Another option could be Moby Dick from Green House, which is also available at an incredible price.

OG Kush: For the past decade, it has been Dinafem’s top-selling strain in some countries. Very hard buds with a velvety texture thanks to the large amount of resin, unique taste and top high. 

Industrial Plant: One of the seed bank’s most commercial strains, fruit of a clone of Northern Lights that is very fast, productive and easy to grow. 

Critical 2.0: At the time it was the most popular strain from Dinafem as it has everything one could want in a cannabis plant. Very fast flowering period, exceptional resistance, high yield and the fruitiest taste you can imagine. 

Original Amnesia: The European cannabis plant with the most powerful psychoactive and long-lasting effects. Haze taste, long buds with lots of resin, a typical Sativa flower and suitable for indoor growing. 

White Widow: S1 seeds created by self-pollination from White Widow Bilbo, one of the oldest selected clones in the Basque Country. Bittersweet taste, super tough buds, good amount of large trichomes and easy cultivation which makes her ideal for inexperienced growers. White Widow is one of the most copied strains of all time. 

Critical Kush: The cross of the most consumed cannabis plant in the US and the most commercial strain in Europe had great success from the first moment. The result is a balanced fusion of both plants with the strength, speed and production of Critical as well as the aroma, taste and effects of OG Kush.

Blue Cheese: This variety is not original from Dinafem, although it must be said that its version is one of the most perfect on the market. It’s hard to beat the quality and intensity of the aroma and taste of Cheese genetics, and in our opinion this is one of the few strains that has made it. 

Gorilla: One of the world’s first feminized seeds with Gorilla Glue # 4 genetics, but luckily not the only ones. Excellent flower, resin, cannabinoid and terpene production, Chem/Sour taste and devastating effects are the most representative characteristics of this strain. 

Bubba Kush: One of Dinafem’s favorites, the best indica in the entire American continent with a unique taste, high resin concentration, eye-catching colours and a relaxing medicinal effect like no other. The feminized replica Bubba Kush by Green House is very similar in every way.

Diesel: Feminized version of New York Diesel with a citrus-like petroleum taste and a special effect that is motivating, inspiring and stimulating. There are many seeds on the market with similar qualities. 

Critical 2.0 Auto: Dinafem’s best-selling autoflowering strain that is suitable for any grower and in any situation. Very quick, high yield, tasty and with a remarkable effect. There are many autoflowering versions of Critical, but the most popular is Critical Plus Auto, partly because of its unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Gorilla Autoflowering: It’s not at all one of Dinafem’s oldest autoflowering strains, but in no time it has become a bestseller in this category. This weed has the most intense effects of all the autoflowering strains, both cerebral and physical, they are fast and long-lasting. 

Amnesia XXL Auto: A large, productive autoflowering plant with Haze aroma and taste, great resin production, and powerful effects. 

Cheese XXL Auto: Further development of the first autoflowering prototype with Cheese genetics from Dinafem. This plant has the same cheese aroma, but it’s larger, much more branched and significantly more productive. 

Moby Dick XXL Auto: It’s difficult to find a more productive and powerful autoflowering variety than this one, which shares many similarities with its older sister, Moby Dick. 

Critical Jack Auto: A few years ago this was one of Dinafem’s favourites, and even today, anyone who tries it is amazed. Exceptionally easy to grow, very good yield, fast cultivation and a peculiar taste that is very popular in general. 

OG Kush Auto: When this strain first hit the market, it became a favourite among Dinafem’s autoflowering strains for many. It’s a good autoflowering replica of OG Kush: the taste reminds of the original weed, the effects are surprising as they are not typical of autoflowering strains, and it’s faster and more productive than the photoperiod version. 

Blue Kush Auto: Blueberry goes with everything, and Dinafem knows that very well, which is reflected in its catalogue. In this case, the cross with OG Kush Auto has resulted in an  aromatic productive strain with an excellent adaptability to any growing system and medium and that is easy to grow.

White Widow XXL Auto: One of the best autoflowering versions of all time, especially because it is most similar to the normal or photoperiod version. Fortunately, there is another strain with the same characteristics, White Widow Auto, which is one of the best cannabis strains for first-time growers as its yields are always above average.

Haze XXL Auto: Especially suitable for lovers of psychoactive effects, as this is one of the strongest autoflowering sativa strains. The bud production is higher than the previous version, and it’s also much more branched, so this one is in general better. 

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto: The union of two of the best autoflowering cannabis plants of all time couldn’t go wrong, of course, the result was even better than expected. A large branched plant covered in flowers and trichomes with an intense aroma and full effects. 

Dinamed: Dinafem’s first non-psychoactive cannabis strain has less than 1% THC, around 14% CBD and the same intense smell and taste as any other cannabis plant. A higher CBD strain called Deep Candy from Green House Seeds is available at 24% CBD with less than 1% THC for those looking for high CBD, low THC.

OG Kush CBD: As a Member of the OG family, this strain has the most pronounced medicinal properties and is one of the cannabis varieties with the strongest entourage effect. Its chemotype contains high levels of THC and CBD, but also an impressive amount and variety of terpenes. 

Amnesia CBD: Amnesia has been the most widely consumed sativa hybrid in Europe for over a decade. The CBD-rich version of this plant was very well-received when it was launched. High yield, the highest hybrid vigour and a very special cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Cheese CBD auto: The model of modern cannabis, autoflowering, feminized, rich in CBD and with the same aroma of hard cheese. It is definitely a great job by Dinafem. Hopefully these seeds will never run out, but if they do, there is still Exodus Cheese CBD Auto from Green House Seeds, which is very similar in all aspects and, most importantly, available at a good price.

OG Kush CBD Auto: For medical cannabis users and lovers of OG flavour, this adaptable plant is excellent as it can be grown outdoors in all circumstances, even out of season. Fast, productive, tasty and rich in cannabidiol. 

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