Growing Cannabis in Dirt. 5 Quick Tips

Growing Cannabis in Dirt. 5 Quick Tips

1. Know your pH

PH – Make sure to keep your soil’s PH at around 5.5-6.5. Doing this will ensure that your plants get the best and most fulfilling nutirent uptake. All nutrients are pulled up by the plant by water that is conducive to the proper PH of water when doing so.

2. Water Slowly

Water your soil bed slowly. Watering too fast can cause pockets in the root bed were water sits and can actually cause root rot. The water is not taken up in these areas. Watering slowly ensured that this does not happen and prevents messy run-off that just wastes water.

3. Do as nature does

Choose a soil that fits your growing style – If you want all of the control for what your plants are fed then go with a lighter, more inert soil. Let your feed water and teas do all of the work in supplying the plants with what they need. If you’re more of a hands-off type of grower then you’ll want to buy a product that’s more rich and nutrient dense. A hotter soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest or lighter like Sunshine Mix #4

4. Perlite helps roots

Add Perlite – Perlite is an inert rocky substance that looks like white gravel. It’s great to mix some in with your soil to provide proper water drainage and oxygen. Your plants will love you for it. Remember that plants need C02 BUT your roots need the oxygen

5. Diatomacious Earth

Sprinkle on top – D.E. is another inert substance that is almost like a dust. It’s calcified and left over by microscopic organisms when they die. Looking under a microscope you’ll see that it has really sharpe edges that cut and slice up the bodies of pests trying to burrow in and out to either nest or lay eggs.

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