There are many ways to dry marijuana. I’ve found that slow and steady wins the race. You never want to go below 65F as it’ll simply take too long to dry out. Make sure that there is proper air-flow but don’t have the fans blowing directly on them as you’ll have uneven drying in your harvest.

You can harvest the nugs, trim them, and put them on a drying rack or some others will cut the branches off of the plant, hang them to dry, and then finish off by trimming the individual nuggets. Both ways work well it just really depends on your preference.

Drying times usually take 4-7 days for a harvest depending on kola size and drying conditions. Keep in mind that just because the nugget may feel dry on the outside doesn’t mean that there isn’t some more moisture towards the stem in the middle that has yet to work it’s way out. You never want to jar up bud that it’s not 100% dry unless you’re willing to be disciplined about burping the jar to let out excess moisture as the the days go by. A properly dried nugget should have a sponge-like feel to it. It should always bounce back. And the stem should have a snap to it when you go to break it.

Properly dried weeds means no risk of mold and better burn for a top smoking performance.

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