THC % Is Being Overrated

THC % Is Being Overrated

It seems like all we hear nowadays is how “strong” a certain strain is and how cool it is to smoke a plant that has 25% THC as opposed to one that has 15% THC. I don’t care about the THC% unless it’s below 10% as you can get high off of just about any strain about 5%.

You should be more concerned about taste, flavour, smell, and the type of high, and how it burns (if you smoke your weed). Having to take an extra puff of good weed that may be lower in THC is worth the better experience. Today people are breeding crazy high THC levels of pot but putting less emphasis on taste and smell.

Everything in life is an “arms race” including growers and breeders looking to make the “strongest pot in the world”. It’s stupid. Smell, taste, and the type of effects you get from your high matter much more than having to smoke a little extra for your desired effect(s).

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